Mama Dulu

Mama Dulu is a comic made for Goethe Institute’s project “Movements and Moments” , which compiles feminist stories from the Global South. Along side Citlalli Andrango, my partner in this project, decided to tell Dolores Cacuango’s struggle to get right for the indigenous people in Ecuador. Her struggle isn’t framed in the feminist struggle, but we decidad to weave her story with some of today’s struggles in our territory. This way, Dolores’ story is entertained withMariela Condo, Marthita Arotingo, Patricia Yallico, Bélgica Jimenez and Mishelle Calle’s lives and fiths to defend theis spaces, their and and their right to self-determination.

Little Tamia and her mom are the ones that will take you through this journey.

The comic will be part of an antology of varios stories which will be out on libraries, as well as on the web, this year

You can visit the proyect’s web site for more information: